Sunday, 3 March 2013

Creator Owned Day

 The Men of Science; a group of dubious 1950's British 'Super-Heroes'.Devised by Stephen Walsh.

Impartial analyser of all known and unknown facts.Leader of 'The Men of Science'

2.LANCASTER BOMBER and 3.FOGGY KNIGHT. Chivalry meets carpet bombing when these two get to work.

4. JET RAVEN.Tireless guardian of London's skies.He sees evil everywhere.And blasts it.

5.ELECTRIC LOUISE.Born of a doomed experiment to mess with things that science should not mess with.Her touch carries a zillion volts.Herkiss is just as deadly.

6.HOPPO. Half human, half elemental, half demon.His father was an archaeologist; his mother was never found.He searches the universe for proof that he is in fact himself.

7.THE CLICKER.Wielder of atomic justice.The newest member of the team.His codename comes from the sound made by a geiger counter whenever he is near.


John Freeman said...

"Chivalry meets carpet bombing when these two get to work"... What a line! And "The Clicker" is fab!

keith Page said...

This lot appears in 'Buzz-Bomb Follies of 1569'.And The Clicker will appear at some stage in his own story.