Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Sparkster the Rocket Knight

Original art from the unpublished second story; Fleetway forgot that they had to renew the publishing rights


Anonymous said...

Hi, I loved the first Sparkster comic, and I really like this! The fanbase would really appreciate it if you redid this as an Internet-only release!

tymime said...

I was pretty much blown away by the first comic. Sparkster was already this indescribable fantasy-sci-fi-steampunk thing, but you managed to elevate it to another level.
I made an audio version of it- if you have the time, check it out:
I sure hope to see the complete second comic someday!

Rocky Raccoon said...

Woah! I'm a huge fan of the Rocket Knight Franchise, I'm really happy you uploaded these unreleased comic pages up.

Shame that Konami, wouldn't give the go ahead on continuing what could have been another great comic book series.

I just hope that Konami will one day be able to get sparkster in the golden spotlight :).