Sunday, 19 June 2011

Paint it Black & The Soho Devil

Coming soon


james corcoran said...

Nice, really like the second image look forward to seeing it in print.

Alan said...

Hi there Keith!

I've seen bits and pieces of The Soho Devil on Chris' site and finding your own it seemed churlish not to repeat what I;ve said there. I think that you've done a quite remarkable job. The water colour work is just marvellous and the city splendid. I love the way you've captured the shadows of the city, not having lived in London for some time I recalled it precisely from that one shot.

So ta. :0)

keith Page said...

Nice comments! I've done a lot of trotting round various bits of London to ensure authenticity for Bryant and May.Mostly the scenes are of the present day but there are lapses into the 1950's, Ealing comedy style.