Tuesday, 21 October 2008

New Project- second extract


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Aapo Kukko said...

Oh, this one is just fantastic. Colors are fine and I like these black'n'white covers too. Great inkwork there.

My first album "U-255: Dive in North I" has been released in Finland about month ago. Major bookstores and other shops took it to their own catalogues which is perfect. We must start to print second edition of album in December because there's empty hands soon. It would be translated in English some day...

Here's the cover of album:

Nowadays I have worked with A3-sized papers and other projects, example a little novel about struggle in the Usa-Canadian border. This paper model is pure perfect for it (even it's German made, heh).

I continue watching your blog and I stay in tune. Keep up the good work in Commando Comics and in other projects too!

Aapo Kukko