Monday, 25 February 2008

Bram's Bar



Aapo Kukko said...
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Aapo Kukko said...

Hey. My name is Aapo Kukko and I'm from Finland. I have mentioned that many of your Commando-stories have been published in here Finland too, under our "Korkeajännitys"-title. You have very unique, personal style and I respect it.

Nice to see that you are making a nice project. I hope that Charlotte Corday of the Surete will be published in here north too :) Thumbs up!

But by the way, I'm a comic artist too. And my current project has a war theme, less or more. It is a story about German submarine in WW2, U-255. Hopely I have a publisher and if nothing special happens, first part of story will be out in late-Spring.

Some people say that my style is little bit same than Hugo Pratt had. It could be true :)

But I will give a link for you that you can see my art, U-boat and another titles. It's also my blog. (Unfortunaly it's in Finnish but click these images :))

I hope you like. But I hope your comics will make breakthrough in here. And we comic artists have to pull together. We have important mission :)